Original Solo Performance

Here are two examples from Victoria… ACTIVITIES Reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of these two performances in terms of the performance AND the scriptwriting. Consider: What are the themes and issues these students wanted to explore? What is engaging about them? How are theory and style used? What forces are in action? How have […]


Whose Line Is It Anyway? Watch these full episodes… What are the techniques that work or don’t work? Write a reflection about your favourite games and why you think they’re funny. The large collection of games are here. What is improvisation? Well, watch this first: What happens during impro? Lines on the floor? Watch the […]

Caucasian Chalk Circle

Black Swan’s 2016 Production Below is a videoed interview with the set designer and you also read about the costume designer. Theatre of the Imagination from Black Swan State Theatre Co on Vimeo. Note how they promoted the show via the trailer: The Caucasian Chalk Circle Trailer from Black Swan State Theatre Co on Vimeo.